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Rental and Leasing Industry
2021-JanDoc #33882Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The coronavirus pandemic is spreading, indicating that domestic demand for leased transportation vehicles could continue to stagnate in 2021. However, because of a low baseline, the rate of decline may decrease. In addition, economic expansion will stimulate demand for sports and entertainment rental and intellectual property leasing.
Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies Distribution
2020-DecDoc #33709Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The principal chain drugstores in Taiwan will keep expanding stores or conducting online e-commerce to retain business opportunities from the brick-and-mortar retail services. Consequently, the industry is expected to witness a stronger growth in 2021 than in 2020.
Renting and Leasing of Personal and Household Goods
2020-DecDoc #33711Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The industry is expected to witness a significant growth in sales in 2021 boosted by a pick-up in the economy and a lower baseline.
Gas Stations
2020-OctDoc #33458Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The industry climate will continue to be unfavorable in the final quarter of 2020 .
Computer Information Security Services
2020-OctDoc #33444Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The market size of the industry is expected to witness a strong compound annual growth rate of 30 percent during 2019 through 2021 boosted by cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other applications.
Renting and Leasing of Machinery and Equipment
2020-OctDoc #33395Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The downward trend in the industry’s sales will continue in the final quarter of 2020. However, the pace of the decline is expected to ease.
Telecommunication Services
2020-SepDoc #33273Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The industry climate is expected to stabilize in the second half of 2020. However, competition in tariffs will still persist, and firms within the industry will significantly increase capital expenditures on 5G network construction in 2020.
Other Catering Industry
2020-MayDoc #32688Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Owing to many factors such as the suspension of meal sale on trains by Taiwan Railways Administration and Taiwan High Speed Rail and people’s reluctance to venture out on holidays, the industry's business conditions are expected to be more unfavorable in the second quarter of 2020 than in the first quarter.
Retail Sale of Information and Communications Equipment in Specialized Stores
2020-AprDoc #32511Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Owing to the knock-on effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, private consumption eases, suggesting growth in sales of retail sale of information and communications equipment in specialized stores will ease.
Rental and Leasing Industry
2020-AprDoc #32476Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The downward trend in the industry's sales would continue in 2020, and the pace of the decline will be faster than in 2019.
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