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TFT-LCD Panel Components Manufacturing
2018-JunDoc #29331Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
A sharp fall in the prices of panels will erode profits of panel makers in the second half of 2018, prompting firms to start adjusting the production to cope with an oversupply.
Semiconductor Industry
2018-JunDoc #29285Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Various applications boost the demand for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, ushering in business opportunities for the foundry and semiconductor packaging and testing industries. Therefore, the output value of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry will increase by 3.56 percent.
Video Surveillance and Other Audiovisual Electronic Products Manufacturing
2018-JunDoc #29145Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The industry is expected to witness a decline in sales in the third quarter of 2018 from a year earlier, suggesting unfavorable business conditions.
Notebook Computers
2018-MayDoc #29046Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The output value of Taiwan’s notebook computers will rise slightly in the second quarter of 2018 from the same period a year earlier. However, a steady increase in the prices of the key components will erode profits.
Integrated Circuit Substrates Manufacturing
2018-MayDoc #29106Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
A gradual increase in niche applications, together with growing demand for chip on film (COF) substrates, suggests a gradual improvement in business conditions in the next six months (April-September, 2018). The industry will witness a slight increase in the revenue.
Integrated Circuit Design
2018-MayDoc #28948Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Boosted by integrated circuit design opportunities stemming from mobile phone upgrade, small and medium-sized circuit designers’ efforts to expand into emerging technologies have borne fruit. Mediatek Incorporation has seen a turnaround, suggesting that the industry will see growth in the value of output in 2018 from a year earlier.
Measuring and Controlling Equipment Manufacturing
2018-MayDoc #28987Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
In order to improve energy efficiency, Taipower plans to accelerate the installation of smart electricity meters so as to gradually build basic measures for smart grids in 2018.
Medical Device and Equipment Manufacturing
2018-MayDoc #28956Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The industry is expected to improve the competitiveness of export products thanks to successful development of major overseas markets and a gradual turnaround in the U.S. dollar. Therefore, sales will increase significantly in the second half of 2018.
Large Size TFT-LCD Panels Manufacturing
2018-MayDoc #29017Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The prices of panels have fallen sharply and downstream end-users have tackled high inventories and come up with new strategies, suggesting that the large size TFT-LCD panel industry will bottom out in the second quarter of 2018.
Semiconductor Industry
2018-AprDoc #28791Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Given the spillover effect of memory expansion, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited outperforms Samsung in terms of 7nm process. Moreover, with the growth in fan-out package and 2.5D package with imbedded interposer, Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing industry will enjoy a single-digit figure growth in sales in 2018 from a year earlier.
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