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Semiconductor Industry
2018-AprDoc #28791Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Given the spillover effect of memory expansion, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited outperforms Samsung in terms of 7nm process. Moreover, with the growth in fan-out package and 2.5D package with imbedded interposer, Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing industry will enjoy a single-digit figure growth in sales in 2018 from a year earlier.
Capacitor Manufacturing
2018-AprDoc #28830Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Owing to tight supply, the upward trend in the product prices will continue. Therefore, the capacitor manufacturing industry will continue to enjoy growth in the first half of 2018.
Electronic Connector Manufacturing
2018-AprDoc #28827Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
With a gradual reduction in China's mobile phone inventories, together with a steady growth in demand for applications such as vehicles, servers and smart audio, the output value of Taiwan's electronic connector industry is expected to return to growth in the second quarter of 2018.
Global Flash Manufacturing
2018-MarDoc #28792Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The annual growth rate of the global NAND Flash supply is expected to be significantly higher in 2018 than that of demand, suggesting a change in the supply and demand structure and shifting to a balanced market from the tight market in 2017.
Inductor Manufacturing
2018-MarDoc #28708Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
With the continuous upgrading of smartphone specifications and the development of automotive electronics, Internet of Things, and netcom applications, the inductor manufacturing industry will continue to witness growth in the first half of 2018.
Flexible Printed Circuit Boards
2018-MarDoc #28707Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Owing to a steady rise in the usage of flexible boards in high-end smartphones and the gradual presence in the supply chain of smart audio and automotive electronics, Taiwan’s flexible board industry will continue to show growth in the first half of 2018.
Display Monitor Manufacturing
2018-MarDoc #28717Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The prosperity of Taiwan’s display monitor manufacturing industry will ease slightly in the first half of 2018 from the same period a year earlier.
DRAM Manufacturing
2018-MarDoc #28688Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
A global shortage of DRAM is expected to ease in 2018 from a year earlier. However, Taiwan will see an increase in output of memory and IDM owes to at a lower baseline and the fruitful efforts of capacity expansion.
Memory Module Manufacturing
2018-FebDoc #28644Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Boosted by artificial intelligence, the development of the internet of things and self-driving, the demand for memory modules in areas such as servers, industrial control and netcom will continue to increase. Therefore, the industry will maintain a slight growth in the first quarter of 2018.
Copper Clad Laminate Manufacturing
2018-FebDoc #28643Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
In view of strong demand in end-user markets, Taiwanese manufacturers such as Elite Material Corporation Limited, ITEQ Corporation, Taiwan Union Technology Corporation and Taiflex Scientific Corporation Limited are expected to raise expenditures for the construction of new plants in 2018.
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