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Electronic Passive Devices
2020-OctDoc #33409Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Boosted by a pick-up in demand for mobile phones, automotive applications, notebooks, network communications equipment and base stations, the industry climate is expected to be favorable in the final quarter of 2020.
Semiconductor Packaging and Testing
2020-OctDoc #33509Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Taiwan’s output value of the semiconductor packaging and testing industry is expected to reach 6.05 percent in 2020, up from a marginal 1.56 percent growth a year earlier. The US-China trade war, China’s pursuit of de-Americanizing campaign and the rise of Chinese firms will become the main focus of the industry.
Power Supply Unit Manufacturing
2020-OctDoc #33417Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Downstream products such as servers, game consoles and notebooks help maintain growth in shipments. However, some firms spread production capacity, while the baseline is high, suggesting both values of output and sales of the industry will rise marginally in the final quarter of 2020 from a year earlier.
Copper Clad Laminate Manufacturing
2020-SepDoc #33406Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The industry’s business conditions will continue to be favorable in the final quarter of 2020, thanks to a steady growth in high-frequency, high-speed materials and an increase in orders for 5G mobile phone and tablet applications.
Integrated Circuit Design
2020-SepDoc #33339Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Business opportunities stemming from the coronavirus pandemic and China’s pursuit of de-Americanization spur orders placed with Taiwan. As a consequence, the industry’s output value will reach 10.91 percent in 2020, up from 8.03 percent a year earlier.
Capacitor Manufacturing
2020-SepDoc #33254Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The rise of the stay-at-home economy, together with the growing demand for capacitors for 5G base stations and mobile phones, suggests the industry climate will still be favorable in the second half of 2020.
DRAM Manufacturing
2020-SepDoc #33337Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
The coronavirus pandemic has somewhat suppressed demand for DRAM and a trend in the prices. However, the output value of Taiwan’s DRAM-based memory and IDM will still grow 7.21 percent in 2020, up from a 20.40-percent drop the previous year.
Integrated Circuit Substrates Manufacturing
2020-SepDoc #33255Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
ABF substrates enjoy a strong increase in orders thanks to the rise of the stay-at-home economy and high-performance computing. Therefore, business conditions for the integrated circuit substrates manufacturing industry will continue to be favorable in the second half of 2020.
Desktop Computer Manufacturing
2020-SepDoc #33296Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Shipments are expected to fall by 10.37 percent year-on-year in the final quarter of 2020 from the same period a year earlier and 7.19 percent in the first three quarters of the year.
Display Panel Industry
2020-AugDoc #33277Industry Report (condensed version)US$100
Taiwanese panel makers such as AU Optronics Corporation, E Ink Holdings, Inc. and Innolux Corporation actively expand the construction of high-end production lines or add niche capacity to cope with 8K+5G+AI so as to boost the operating performance.
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