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Other Communications Equipment
ˇ@ Jan - 2018 Docˇ@#28484 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
ˇ@ Boosted by upgrades of network equipment and an increase in shipments of LPWAN modules smart gateways, medium and high-end switches and optical communications components and equipment, the other communications manufacturing industry will show a steady growth in Taiwan in first quarter of 2018.ˇ@
Optical Equipment Manufacturing
ˇ@ Jan - 2018 Docˇ@#28483 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
ˇ@ Despite the positive impacts of a growing penetration of the dual lens design market, the market for high-end smartphones continues to sag, and the iPhone X lacks a driver of growth in sales, which will have a direct bearing on Taiwanˇ¦s shipments of mobile cameras in the first half of 2018.ˇ@
Desktop Computer Manufacturing
ˇ@ Jan - 2018 Docˇ@#28466 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
ˇ@ Taiwanˇ¦s output value of desktop computers will decline in 2018.ˇ@
Liquid Crystal Monitor Manufacturing
ˇ@ Dec - 2017 Docˇ@#28152 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
ˇ@ Some firms face fierce competition in the niche market, reducing the revenues and net profits.ˇ@
Small and Medium Size TFT-LCD Panels Manufacturing
ˇ@ Dec - 2017 Docˇ@#28271 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
ˇ@ An increase in the proportion of niche products to the overall shipments, together with the craze for mobile phones equipped with 18:9 ratio screens, bodes well for the unit prices of the products of the industry.ˇ@
2018 Medical Materials and Equipment Manufacturing
ˇ@ Nov - 2017 Docˇ@#28145 Annual Report (condensed version) US$150
ˇ@ Global ageing population and growing population with chronic diseases will boost demand for medical auxiliary and monitoring equipment.ˇ@
2018 Information Industry
ˇ@ Nov - 2017 Docˇ@#28196 Annual Report (condensed version) US$150
ˇ@ The continued expansion of niche market applications will boost demand for the products of the information industry.ˇ@
2018 Semiconductor
ˇ@ Nov - 2017 Docˇ@#28080 Annual Report (condensed version) US$150
ˇ@ Growing applications of artificial intelligence, the internet of things and automotive electronics will provide business opportunities for the semiconductor sector.ˇ@
2018 Display Panels
ˇ@ Nov - 2017 Docˇ@#28126 Annual Report (condensed version) US$150
ˇ@ A steady global economic expansion, together with growing consumption in emerging markets, bodes well for demand for end-use gadgets in 2018.ˇ@
2018 Communication Products Manufacturing
ˇ@ Nov - 2017 Docˇ@#28115 Annual Report (condensed version) US$150
ˇ@ A steady increase in OEM demand for mobile phones in emerging markets and the deferral of the launch of the iPhone X to the first half of 2018 suggest that Taiwan will see an increase in shipments of mobile phones.ˇ@
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