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Coatings, Dyes & Pigments Manufacturing
¡@ Apr - 2017 Doc¡@#27200 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
¡@ Demand for the industry from downstream markets remains sluggish and downstream industries are subject to fierce competition, while the prices of upstream raw increase.¡@
Office Machinery Manufacturing
¡@ Apr - 2017 Doc¡@#27167 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
¡@ Weak demand in export markets and a higher baseline will translate to a slight increase in the industry¡¦s sales in 2017 from a year earlier.¡@
Yarn Spinning Mills, Cotton
¡@ Apr - 2017 Doc¡@#27007 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
¡@ Although both output value and sales of the industry will contract in 2017, the pace of the decline will ease from a year earlier.¡@
Non-Ferrous Metals Manufacturing
¡@ Apr - 2017 Doc¡@#27048 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
¡@ Taiwan¡¦s economy is expected to grow slightly in 2017 from the year before, auguring well for restocking by the downstream industries.¡@
Uninterruptible Power Supply Manufacturing
¡@ Apr - 2017 Doc¡@#27054 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
¡@ The upward trend in the revenues of major firms within the industry is expected to continue into the first half of 2017.¡@
Other General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing
¡@ Apr - 2017 Doc¡@#27162 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
¡@ A decline in the industry¡¦s sales is expected to continue in 2017.¡@
China Chemical Raw Material Medicine Manufacturing¡VBrief Report
¡@ Apr - 2017 Doc¡@#C_3826 Industry Report US$350
¡@ The Chinese government kept implementing environmental protection policy in 2016.¡@
Cleaning Preparations Manufacturing
¡@ Apr - 2017 Doc¡@#27078 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
¡@ A turnaround in the Taiwanese economy has stimulated the demand for high priced niche products.¡@
Steel Bar Manufacturing
¡@ Apr - 2017 Doc¡@#27050 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
¡@ The industry¡¦s sales will rise marginally by 5 to 10 percent in 2017, suggesting that the industry conditions will slightly be favorable from a year earlier.¡@
Tea Manufacturing
¡@ Mar - 2017 Doc¡@#26922 Industry Report (condensed version) US$100
¡@ Helped by the rapidly aging population, the industry will see a marginal increase in sales in the first quarter of 2017.¡@
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